Preparing for National Exam

Level Basic
Abbreviation PNE

Course Description

  • Preparing for the national exam is important for graduate students or postgraduate students.
  • What distinguishes the national exam is the refinement of the student’s manual skills and the consolidation of the information he gained during his university career. 
  • This course allows student to know the right curriculum that he must follow, to strength his intellectual, design and manual skills that enable him to present his exam as it should be.
  • The exam contains two main parts: theoretical (general questions) and practical ( planning and design ).

Course Objectives

  • Preparing the student with the necessary tools to understand the principle of the national exam, in terms of understanding the basics of urban planning and architectural design
  • Enable student to find solutions in order to organize the exam time and complete it within its specified duration
  • Enable student to present his exam in a correct way and a distinctive style

Scientific Curriculum

  • Principles of urban planning and the right standards of planning  
  • Perception of the levels of the national exam in planning types
  • A solution for exam models in urban planning
  • Basics of architectural design
  • A solution for exam model in architectural design
  • Methods of right architectural presentation of the exam 

Target Attendence

Architecture Graduate Students


The national exam is a prerequisite for graduation within the faculty of architecture. Student can repeat the exam to get a higher score. Differentiating on the master’s degree requires that the student achieves a success rate higher than 60%. 30% of the graduating rate is taken in the national exam.