Architectural Rendering

Level Basic
Abbreviation AR

Course Description

  • The stage of architectural rendering is an important step to rise the level of architectural work in terms of the ability to express and give more realism to architectural drawings.  
  • The methods of architectural rendering vary, including through manual drawing, and some using computer programs, and the skill of architectural rendering is the best in the field of architectural work.
  • This course allows student to know the right curriculum that he must follow, to strength his intellectual, design and manual skills that enable him to present his projects and ideas correctly.

Course Objectives

  • Developing the skills of architectural rendering.
  • Enable student to master the methods of drawing and rendering the materials and building materials correctly.
  • Enable student to add realistic to his architectural drawings.
  • Enable student to present his architectural projects in a correct way and a distinctive style

Scientific Curriculum

  • Drawing and rendering volumes with pencil
  • Rendering architectural elements and textures with pencil
  • Rendering architectural diagrams and perspectives with pencil
  • Rendering and freehand drawing with ink
  • Training on rough sketches techniques  
  • Training on architectural quizzes      

Target Attendence

Architecture Students


Rendering is an important step in integrating the necessary tools for each architect. This course revolves around learning the skill of architectural rendering in grayscale, which are pencils and ink It is a foundation stage for every architectural student at the beginning of his academic years within the university And through which he learns the basics of manual architectural drawing and opens the way for him to express his ideas by various styles