Skills in Architectural Design

Level Basic
Abbreviation SAD

Course Description

  • Every architecture student or architect must have some drawing and visualization skills.
  • The skill of architectural drawing was and still the main architect’s tool in the process of translating and expressing design ideas correctly.
  • This course allows student to know the right curriculum that he must follow, to strength his intellectual, design and manual skills that enable him to present his projects and ideas correctly.

Course Objectives


  • Developing the architectural skills (thinking and drawing)
  • Enable student to present his architectural projects in a correct way and a distinctive style

Scientific Curriculum

  • Principles of design and elements of design process
  • Perception of main elements for any architectural project
  • Keys of visual memory developing for the architect
  • Basics of residential buildings design
  • Basics of architectural diagrams drawing
  • Three-dimensional elevating 

Target Attendence

Architecture students (1st and Second) year


The student’s knowledge of the architectural design tools and skills and how to use them correctly and continuous training to develop them, whether by drawing or others can thus express his ideas correctly and in a distinctive way and thus he can design what comes to his mind and be able to implement and apply his ideas on the ground