Retouching for Professionals

Level Advanced
Abbreviation Retouching

Course Description

Retouching for Professionals course will teach you how to do professional retouching by using tools in photoshop like a professional. You will learn how to create amazing looking portrait images, work and approach colors in photoshop, clean up the image in non-destructive way, and work with contrasts, shadows, and highlights.



  • Knowledge of Photoshop

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, trainees should be able to:

  • Use best possible retouching techniques
  • Work fluently with photoshop and retouching tools
  • Improve lighting, color, composition, and sharpness with Photoshop
  • Use Photoshop to create special effects in portrait photos
  • Works With Masks in Photoshop

Target Attendence

Photographers and Photoshop users who are passionate about Photography and Retouching.

Professional selection methods and use of Mask
Adjustment menu, colors adjustment and lighting photos
Photo retouching, correction and improvement
General photo adjustments
Retouching portraits

Retouching for Professionals course demonstrates how to use retouching to enhance the photos quality.