Architectural Perspective Drawing

Level Basic
Abbreviation APD

Course Description

  • Perspective drawing is one of the most important tools of the experienced architect, as it in turn reflects the extent of his perception of the space surrounding it and its imagining it in a three-dimensional way. The skill of perspective drawing allows you to imagine and understand the architectural blocks, design and modify them and thus understand the architectural project from all its parts and details and modify them easily and in the shortest possible time.
  • This course allows student to know the right curriculum that he must follow, to strength his intellectual, design and manual skills that enable him to present his projects and ideas correctly.

Course Objectives

  • Developing the architectural skills (thinking and drawing)
  • Enable student to imagine and understand the architectural blocks and draw their perspectives in a variety of ways
  • Enable student to visualize and correctly draw at three-dimensional model of various architectural blocks
  • Enable student to present his architectural projects in a correct way and a distinctive style

Scientific Curriculum

  • The importance of architectural drawing
  • The concept of architectural elevating
  • 3D Lifting of engineering schemes
  • Free design of architectural blocks and volumes
  • Styles of architectural rendering and presentation
  • Studying the consistency and balance of architectural sheets     

Target Attendence

Architecture Students


One of the most important things that helps the flexibility of the design process and its proper functioning is the ability of imagine and visualize, by translating perceptions into architectural drawings, and then translating the drawings into blocks and buildings. In order for buildings to be properly expressed, architect must master the skill of perspective drawing correctly.