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The course qualifies the person to obtain the ICDL certificate which includes seven tests: the first is a theoretical assessment of the applicant's knowledge of the basic principles of computer and information technology. The other six tests are a process to evaluate the competence of the applicant in the use of the personal computer and the extent of his knowledge of applications and common computer programs.

Microsoft Office package:

2. Power Point
3. Excel
4. Access
5. Outlook and Internet
In addition to:
6. Principles and basics of Windows7
7. Information security principles

ICDL Summary Outlines:

1.ICT, Hardware, Software, Operating Systems.
2.MS Win 7, File Management, Applications, Settings.
3.IT Security, Network Security, File Security.
4.Malware, Secure Web use & Communications.
5.Web Browsing, Network Concepts, Advanced Search.
6.MS Outlook use, Email, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks.
7.MS Word use, Create & Format Documents.
8.Insert Objects, Mail Merge, Outputs & Printing.
9.MS Excel use, create & manage Worksheets.
10.Cells, Formulas & Functions, Charts, Outputs.
11.MS PowerPoint use, create slides & Design.
12.Insert Objects, Transitions, Animations, Slide Show.
13.MS Access use, Database create & Relationships.
14.Create Tables, Queries, Forms, Reports, Data Export

who should attend ?

Individuals who need to use the computer to do their jobs both at work places or     at home. People who are new to using computers. And all individuals who want to learn the basics of dealing with the computer and Microsoft Office programs and obtain a certificate to prove their ability to do so.

Exam :

The exam is automated on the computer, where each program has an individual exam, and the exams are available in both Arabic and English language.
The duration of the exam for each program is 45 minutes and the trainee passes an exam when he obtains a minimum of 75% of the total grade, and whem he passes all 7 exams he gets the certification of ICDL.

The SBS Center is accredited by the Syrian Computer Society-SCS to host ICDL International exams

  • Degree in Information Technology
  • Master degree in Communications and Information Systems Management (Telecommunications Regulatory Authority)
  • Head of the Information Services Department in the Telecommunications and Post Authority
  •  accredited ICDL trainer in the Syrian Computer Society-SCS