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SBS offers a wide range of computing training options and business management solutions to suit all of our clients’ needs and abilities. If you are a beginner or an experienced computer user looking to upgrade your skills, or if you are a newly-appointed manager or an experienced management team, we have a training option for you.

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We are also experts at designing management and business courses customized for you. We provide courses in areas such as Customer Service, Business Management, Leadership, Leading Through Change, and Dynamic Decision-Making. These courses can be tailored to one or two day short courses to programs of duration up to 6 -8 weeks.

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We provide the highest quality experiential learning programs. We do this by using our experience in developing courses that are truly innovative.
August 05 @ 19:00 PM
SBS Center -Damascus,Syria
August 17 @ 09:00 AM
SBS Center -Damascus,Syria
August 17 @ 13:00 PM
SBS Center -Damascus,Syria
August 17 @ 17:00 PM
SBS Center - Damascus,Syria
August 18 @ 17:00 PM
SBS Center -Damascus,Syria
August 25 @ 14:00 PM
SBS Center - Damascus,Syria
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